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Dr. Yusuf (J.P.) Saleeby, MD is a physician expert in the subspecialty of anti-aging and preventive medicine. He offers tele-medicine consultations for those seeking a better quality of life. These services are seldom reimbursed by American medical insurance companies. For this reason this forum and format are highly cost effective. For a standard fee you will have a telephone consultation for 20-30 minutes in length, review of physical exam (by proxy, performed by your primary care provider (PCP)), detailed review of all labs (ordered prior by Dr. Saleeby or your PCP), and Q&A session. A customized exercise prescription and individualized nutritional and supplement recommendations will be discussed and sent in a packet after consultation. Additionally there are smaller fees for hormone and prescription call-ins or refills, and continued management of the recommendations and HRT outlined.
Standard Fees
Anti-Aging / Preventive Medicine Consultation:
$300.00 (standard 20-30 minute consultation)
Management Fee [including lab order/review, refill authorizations for HRT]
$25 - $100 depending on service.
(Prescription refills for 6 months typically $25)
NO Primary Care Offered
(all urgent and emergent care should be referred to PCP or Emergency Clinic)
Consultations via Phone or Internet ONLY (Toll Free number available for call in)

Other services offered:

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Concierge Medicine Services (24/7) (Please call for information)